ERC Synergy Zoom Meeting Held

ZoomZoom meeting of ERC Synergy  project Molecular origins of aneuploidies in healthy and diseased human tissues (Aneuploidy) had taken place on Wednesday, February 17th 2021. International team members had discussed their current progress and future directions.

Five participants from international teams presented their work on the project goals. MIT team gave a presentation about consequences of chromosome missegregation in physiology and disease. Kops team gave presentation on tolerating mistakes to answer how cancer cells cope with CIN and a particular case of human aneuploidy. Tolić team presented work on bridging microtubules and beyond and the mechanism of overlap length-dependent chromosome alignment.

Every presentation was followed by a discussion in a form of questions and answers. This meeting was a great opportunity for different team members to identify the current progress of the project goals and to discuss difficulties and finding discovered during their work. New possible directions of work were pointed out.