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Oscillatory dynamics of the cytoskeleton

Oscillations in the cytoskeleton are of general importance in cell biology as a mean of spatial and temporal regulation of the cellular organization, cell division and motility. The project OSCITON focuses on two oscillatory processes. First, we will investigate the mechanism of microtubule-driven kinetochore oscillations during mitosis, and the role of kinesin-8 motors in this process. Second, we will study the oscillatory repolarization of Dictyostelium cells during random migration. This interdisciplinary project is designed to optimize the use of resources and bring together researchers with the expertise in a range of disciplines, including molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, microscopy, and theoretical biophysics.

2015-2019 OSCITON
Research area: Cell biology
Researcher: Prof Iva Tolić
Host Institution: Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb
Project: Oscilatory dynamics of the cytoskeleton (OSCITON)
HRZZ funding: HRK 1.000.000,00