Juraj and Patrik attended the ASCB | EMBO Meeting

At the ASCB | EMBO 2017 Meeting, held in Philadelphia, PA, USA, Patrik presented our results on the role of bridging microtubules in anaphase, in his Minisymposium talk entitled “Microtubule sliding in the bridging fiber pushes kinetochore fibers apart to segregate chromosomes in human cells”. Short review describing session will be published in Mol Biol Cell.

Juraj gave a presentation on the existence of torques in the spindle, in his Microsymposium talk entitled “The mitotic spindle is chiral due to torques generated by motor proteins”.

Juraj and Patrik also presented their posters on above-mentioned topics.

For his poster session, Juraj made a paper model of the spindle showing left-handed helicity of the microtubule bundles and chirality of the whole spindle.